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We unleash technology for growth and development.
Stanford BASES comsumer hardware winner 2014Photo: SVTP's award-winning motorcycle-to-phone charger enables phones where motorcycles are present but electricity is not.

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About SVTP

Accelerator Participant

Silicon Valley Technology Partners is a social enterprise from Stanford University. We design, manufacture, and distribute high-quality products that improve quality of life in the developing world.

We look for opportunities where technology can solve roadblocks that are impeding development. For example, mobile phones are having enormous positive impact in developing countries today, but over 1 billion people worldwide are unable to participate in this mobile revolution due to lack of electricity. This issue of lack of electricity for phones motivated SVTP's initial line of solar and motorcycle chargers.

Our competitive advantage comes from our depth of experience in emerging markets, product design, mass production, and distribution. This allows us to offer higher quality and lower price than competitors. From impeccable manufacturing to last-mile distribution, we aim to prove that for-profit social business can do well by doing good.

We enable growth.
Our product unleash the power of mobile phones for economic growth and development.

Photo: Balon Visi works with the NGO Green Care in Cameroon, training farmers in beekeeping, tree planting, and irrigation. Previously, Balon would go several days in the fields with no electricity and no communication, but now SVTP's solar phone charger lets Balon keep in touch with other Green Care staff and the community. Communication has greatly increased his effectiveness.
SVTP's Impact

10,000,000 phone calls made possible
15,000 individuals given access to communication

The reason we care about mobile communication is because of the tremendous positive impact mobile phones are having in the developing world today:

Photo: Medic Mobile connects health providers to patients.
  • Health Care
    Mobile phones allow patients to learn about availability of care, such as when travelling health workers visit a village or town nearby. Health providers gain access to remote diagnosis and consultation.

  • Education
    Students and teachers benefit from access to information via the Internet, such as the growing trend of Massively Open Online Courses from universities including MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and the ALISON platform that has reached millions of students in developing countries.
  • Governance and transparency
    Mobile phones are being used to monitor elections and shine the light on corruption, promoting good governance and transparency.

    Read about an initiative using mobile phones for election monitoring in Afghanistan.

  • Economic Development
    Everything works better with communication: businesses and customers can find each other, avoiding costly delays; markets function more efficiently with more communication, so farmers get a fair price for their produce; and mobile payments open up countless opportunities for growth in the 21st century.

    Learn how Souktel matches job-seekers with employers through mobile phone technology.

Photo: Eneza Education delivers high quality educational
materials to improve student learning.

Photo: SVTP phone chargers make
mobile communication possible.
SVTP's Role

In countries where land lines never developed, mobile phones fundamentally transform society for the better.

But without electricity to charge phones, none of these benefits are possible. Over 1 billion people worldwide have access to phones, but lack reliable electricity to charge them.

At SVTP we believe everyone deserves to join the 21st century mobile revolution, and no one should be left behind. Our phone charging products remove the bottleneck holding back development due to lack of electricity and unleash the incredible potential of communication.

Our mission is to identify similar bottlenecks and create viable market-based solutions.

Cleantech goes mobile
Photo: Phone shop owner in Ondo State, Nigeria. Without grid electricity in his town, he sometimes runs a generator to charge phones, but the cost of fuel is a significant expense. SVTP solar products provide a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative.
Enabling communication
Photo: Street vendor selling plantains while charging a phone using an SVTP solar charger. For those without electricity at home or at work, solar offers a perfect solution.
Our products electrify you.
We apply world-class engineering to create innovative and affordable products for the developing world.

We imagine what could be and make it real.

Photo: SVTP customer outside his workshop in a market in Nigeria. The market lacks electricity, so he uses an SVTP charger to keep his phone charged in order to communicate with customers and friends throughout the day.
Phone Charging
SVTP's line of phone chargers makes phones useful even when electricity is unavailable.

In many parts of the world, mobile phones have exploded in popularity, but electrification has not kept pace. SVTP products provide innovative alternatives to allow mobile phone users worldwide to get the most out of their devices.

Model C200 Model C400 Model M750 Model C2700 Model C4000
Model C200 - Basic Solar Phone Charger
Model C200
6 adapters
Model C200 Packaging This basic solar charger is great for the most popular small mobile phones. It includes six adapters for phones from Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, etc., and it works with any phone that can charge from a standard USB port. It includes a two-meter cable and a flip-out stand for getting the best solar charge at an affordable price.

For sale in West and East Africa.
Model C400 - Professional Solar Phone Charger
Model C400
7 adapters
Model C400 Packaging This professional solar charge is designed to meet the needs of smart phone users. It can charge BlackBerry, Galaxy, and iPhone. It includes seven adapters and a two meter USB cable. It can charge a smart phone in four hours, or a basic phone even faster. Its portable design makes it possible to carry a lot of solar power in your pocket, delivering an outstanding value.

For sale in West and East Africa.

Buy from amazon.com
Model M750 - Motorcycle to Phone Charger
Model M750 Stanford BASES comsumer hardware winner 2014
Model M750 Turns a motorcycle into a portable phone charger. For motorcycle owners who need to top up their phones during a busy day, this charger provides enhanced freedom of mobility and communication

For sale in West and East Africa.
Model P2700 - Power Bank
Model P2700
This power bank is a modern and stylish way to keep your phone powered all day long. For users of popular phones like Nokia Asha, this power delivers a full charge while its slim design allows it to fit easily in a pocket or hand.

Now available for pre-order to approved distributors.
Model P4000 - Professional Power Bank
Model P4000
This stylish and powerful power bank is the perfect companion to high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 5. Its high-quality and beautiful design make it the first choice for professional business users and technology experts. A high power torch light makes it extra useful at night. Never before has such a slim package carried so much power!

Now available for pre-order to approved distributors.
We listen to our customers.
We conduct in-depth consumer research to identify opportunities for innovation.

We optimize our products to provide the best value for customers in emerging markets.

Photo: SVTP Product Design Engineer Alison Shin and a guide interview a farmer outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Over 75% of Ethiopians lack reliable access to electricity.
How we work

SVTP Cycle Our consumer research and need-finding process is based on developing a deep understanding of the challenges facing the consumers we serve. SVTP staff have lived and worked for years all over Africa and combine their personal experience together with rigorous research methodology in order to identify unmet needs.

Product development begins with an idea for a way to solve a problem, either better, faster, cheaper than what's available today, or through a totally new solution. Our engineers from the US and China develop expert solutions using the latest technology to deliver the absolute best performance for our customers' money.

Dedication to manufacturing is critical for us to fulfill the promise of high quality and low cost. We oversee the production details ourselves to ensure they are up to our standards, while sourcing components from top-of-the-line competitive suppliers to achieve the best value. The SVTP logo on a product is a sign that it was manufactured to meet the most demanding requirements.

Distributing our products requires partnering with excellent importers, wholesalers, and retailers in the geographies we serve in order to put our products on the shelf and make them available to our customers. We support our distribution network through advertising and marketing material to build the SVTP brand and help our distributors earn a living.

For the latest updates on our work, please see the SVTP blog.

We guarantee high quality.
We design our products to last in even the most rugged environments.

Our in-house manufacturing team relentlessly pursues perfection in order to stand out from the competition and provide superior value to our customers.

Photo: SVTP staff checking the assembly line at our manufacturing facility.
Doug Ricket Doug Ricket
Founder, CEO
Doug's experience with the Peace Corps in West Africa brought him to the mission of alleviating extreme poverty in the developing world. As a Google engineer and manager, he led a team mapping developing countries. At d.light, he directed the engineering department in creating the next generation of solar lamps and initiated distribution in West Africa.

Doug earned bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT, where he founded the MIT Women's Technology Program, a residential summer school that has graduated 500+ students over 12 years. Doug completed an MBA at Stanford University and is the author of five patents.
Hugh Liu Hugh Liu
Product Manager
Hugh joined SVTP in 2012 to initiate product development in China. He started his career in battery manufacturing operations and then moved to the consumer electronics industry, where he worked on product design and electrical engineering for solar and other energy products.

Hugh comes from Hunan Province of China, where he graduated from Hunan First Normal University studying electronic science.
Terry Young Terry Young
Operations Engineer
Terry oversees SVTP's manufacturing operations, working closely with suppliers from sourcing through mass production. As operations engineer, Terry has been with SVTP since 2013. Previously, he worked in the field of quality systems auditing and quality control with both Chinese and foreign firms.

Terry comes from Jilin Province of Northeast China and holds a bachelor's degree from Shenyang Agricultural University in mechanical design and manufacturing automation.
Jacob Iosso Jacob Iosso
Sales Manager, West Africa
Jacob has run SVTP's West African operations, including sales, marketing, distribution, and logistics, since 2013. He served in the Peace Corps in Cameroon, working on local enterprise development and capacity building with microfinance institutions. Jake has been committed to volunteerism since high school and has volunteered in the U.S., Nicaragua, Peru, and Cameroon.

Jacob received his bachelor's degree in business management from Eckerd College. He is currently on leave from a master's program in international relations at the New School in New York.
Hellen Kassa Hellen Kassa
Sales Manager, East Africa
Hellen is leading SVTP's expansion in East Africa after joining in 2013. She was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Nairobi before moving to the U.S. to finish her education. She has lived and worked in Ethiopia, South Africa, and Ghana. Hellen identifies as a pan-African with a passion for the African diaspora, and she has produced an original documentary on modern Ethiopia.

Hellen received her bachelor's degree in international studies and economics at the University of Denver.
Alison Shin Alison Shin
Product Design Engineer
Alison joined SVTP in 2014 to lead research and development for new products. During college, she spent 9 months working on product design for Kenya with BURN Design Lab, and went back to Africa as tech lead and project manager for her senior project in Ghana.

Alison holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Olin College of Engineering.
Join our global team.
Our diverse skills and experience make SVTP an exciting company that fosters fulfilling career development.

If you share our ambition to promote international development through consumer technology products, we want to hear from you.

Photo: SVTP staff outside our design and manufacturing office in China.
Current Job Openings

Email: careers@svtp.com

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